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Being successful on SEO demands no big secrets or tricks that only SEO masters or consultants know. You should have common sense applied with industry knowledge - knowledge that can be with good thoroughness and research. So with that in mind, read further and know some of the "SEO secrets success" and this is at no cost.

Do you aim for SEO success? Then, do some research on your keywords phrases. This demand for devoted time and extensive research. As a business owner, you should know what users type in the Search Engine when looking for services or products on your site. You could use some useful tools such as WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery or OverTure's Keyword Selector tool among others to discover what keyword phrases are best to aim. Never think you know which keywords to target until you do the research. You are assured that you will learn something about your business and your target audience when you do research.

In addition, you should have a website design that is SEO friendly. You might feel embarrassed when you see web design with an all Flash site and asked to achieve high rankings for said site. As much as Flash can damage a site for rankings, there are other things to consider, such as sparse text, javascript on your pages, poorly written code, using graphics instead of text, 404 errors, deeply nested pages javascript navigation and pages that can't be found by clicking a link are just some. Make certain that someone with SEO knowledge is doing the site design. Ideally, you want the SEO consultant to work with the designers and programmers before it is too late.

Another secret for SEO success is a unique page title. It is very significant that you use different and unique title for every web page on your site. It is the most important part of your web page when search engines have a great influence on your web page message and ranking. No worries since this is easy, so be sure to keep it in mind.

Create a focus web content. This may appear to be simple common sense, however too often than not web page content include many things and reduce its true message. So, remember that each thought, theme or topic should have its own web page. For an instance, if you are selling beauty products, then a page for each category would be needed. Make-ups and other beauty products should be on one category and perfumes and colognes should be on the other category with its own web page as well. Search engines want to see a focus so they know where and what to rank your web page for.

There are SEO companies that can help you perform these things and many more to reach high rankings. Some of the SEO secrets stated above need a lot of time and effort with creative imagination to complete the task at once. But the upshot is this: there is no secret and if you have the time, ingenuity and have an extensive research, you can obtain success.SEO is not rocket science; it's much more difficult than rocket science. To become a ninja-level SEO master takes years of practice for most people, and like a ninja if you don't practice, one quickly loses one's skills. The reason for this is that the search algorithms shift constantly, and as they are well guarded secrets, you never know what the search engineers are up to. No, it's not rocket science; It's more like reverse engineering a UFO that you can only see off in the distance and whose propulsion system constantly shifts gears.

It is extremely difficult to be a true expert in this field. The competition is fierce, and one mistake can cost you months of work. If you are working for a client, you had better be certain that you do not get their site thrown into the "sandbox," meaning that it will never be found. This is like being exiled to the far reaches of the Internet where only the most intrepid explorers will ever find them. It's not good for business.

For this reason, it is extremely important to choose the right SEO company or employee if you are in business. If you want to become that person (the right SEO company or employee), here is what you need to do:

Administer at least five websites for at least a year. Do not link them to each other. Each is its own little petri dish that must not be contaminated.
Be scientific about it. Develop theories and test them rigorously. Keep track of results. Note changes in the way the search engines index your site and in the way your visitors find it, and connect those changes to actions that you have taken (link building, keyword weight, social networking, etc.)
Learn how to find the right keywords. This is not as simple as finding words that people search for and that are not insanely competitive. In this, you have to be somewhat intuitive. What keyword combination is a potential customer likely to use as opposed to a bored web surfer?
Use different tools until you find one that works. I have my favorite, but I'm not allowed to mention it. Follow the link in the resource box and surf around my blog. You'll figure out what it is. It may not be for you, but you can try it free.
Get at least 20 pages to the top for fairly competitive keywords. This is what turns prospects into clients.
Be a ninja. Once you figure out how to do it, take a cue from the people who write the search algorithms and keep it to yourself. Also train and improve continuously so that your skills do not slip.
That is how to become an SEO guru who commands top dollar with good reason, the good reason being that you know how to attract the right people, not just the most people. More on that later.

Are you really as good as you think you are? You might want to check out my blog, especially the post on recent changes in the SEO game, before you get your sites sandboxed!


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